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FRV musky tourney... RESULTS

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Well the first big musky tournament in our area has come and gone , The Fox River Valley chapter of Muskies Inc ,held the Spring Challunge on the Chain last Saturday .
As always they put on a fantastic tourney.
After a week and a half of some stable weather in the 70's and 60's , it figures that tourney day the weather took a turn !!! . but it was a perfect musky day , cool ,rainy and windy .
The weather messed with a lot of peoples game plans , this was a day where the best would rise and think "outside " the box !! Many people pre fished for this day and moved a lot of ski's the past week , this had everyones hopes up for a good day.
The tourney drew a full field of 100 boats ,, WOW !!!
We started off at 7am and fished until 4pm , when everyone returned out of the 100 teams , 17 teams boated 18 fish that met the tourneys length rule of 30 inches or larger.
After we all returned we had a nice meal , some cold brews , shared stories about the day and had some good laughs. Then it was time to present the awards and that was followed by a he raffle with all kinds of goodies ..
O-K , here are the results of the day…
1 82 Joe Alfe Gordon Linde 49 23.00
2 18 Dave Hebeda Dave Dilley 36 , 36 20.00
3 60 Chris Drury Aaron Zorn 40.5 14.50
4 39 Tom Ustaszewski James Ustaszewski 39 13.00
5 26 Mike Zaborowski Lou Principata 38.5 12.50
6 7 Brandon Schorle Mike Day 38 12.00
7 56 Tim Ehrhardt Skip Ehrhardt 37.5 11.50
8 98 Dan Memory Ryan Koenig 37.25 11.25
9 63 Gary Witkowski Mike Witkowski 37 11.00
9 85 Ed Petrovskis John Shrader 37 11.00

A big congratulations goes out to the first place team of Joe Alfe and Gordon Linde , Gordon hooked into a big fat girl ,,49 inches,, with an X-rap while going through a channel from one lake to another , What a job !!
Now some of you might not recognize that name on the winning team , that is our own MuskyStalker,,aka FishStalker !!!
Again , a great job and good thinking , trying something different.. way to go Joe !!
Another name up there in 6th place Mike Day of Sound Photography is our own MuskieHunter !!

We finished with the big skunk !! did not even see a fish the whole day !! to make matters worst an oil injection line burst on the boat !! thank goodness for the 4 stroke kicker , we finished the day with that !!! , you know , I shouldn't call the day a skunk , My partner MuskyGun did catch 2 bass !!!!
Well now it's off to PMTT events , next stop Petenwell Flowage, in Wisconsin
Again , a big thanks to all the Guys at FRV muskies inc for the good time at the tourney !!
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Thanks for the post, Tony!
One day I'll be good enough to fish a tournament. Hopefully sooner than later. Thanks for the report.
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