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I fished from shore for 2 hours this morning in the Aurora area. It was overcast and the river is very low. Luckily, smallies are still hitting topwater. With most other lure types, I think I would be getting snagged frequently.

I found slightly deeper water near 2 bridges. No giants, but I caught 2 at one spot and 4 at the other. That's unusual. Normally, if I catch 1, it's unusual to get any others, at least for 45 minutes or so. But today they were aggressive, at least at those bridges. Of course, I tried 3 other bridge spots and got skunked at those.

Another unusual occurrence: I landed all fish that hit the buzzbait. I often have more blowups than fish landed. But not today. All fish that hit were landed. There was no nipping, no tapping, just straight-on aggression. Fun times!
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