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Game on !!!! 8-23-08 Deep Lake ....Morning line Odds

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8-23-2008 event #7.

Looks to be another great WCTT outing(11+ boats?)....The chase is on !!!!!(well maybe for 2nd) :lol:

I have added each persons first name this month so we don't have to call each other by our screen names....LOL. If I missed your first name let me know what it is....

Top 10 WCTT points 2008......As of 7-19-08

1. #1cubsfan - 520pts
2. FishinMatt - 385pts
3. toothdoc - 340pts
4. Basscaster - 330pts
Culprit - 330pts
6. Augy - 290pts
Fishkid - 290pts
8. Fishthoughts - 265pts
9. JasonN - 220pts
10. SkunkedAgain - 210pts

The chase is on WCTT 2008 !!!!!

Load your boat and it's....

Game On !!!!

Name ................ Odds........ Comments
#1cubsfan (Tony) 1:1 There is a reason his screen name has a #1 in it.

FishinMatt (Matt) 3:1 Paid me big $$$ to take Tony out drinking LATE...the night before....(j/k)

Toothdoc (Tim) 4:1 Been put'in them in the boat in 2008. Time for the 6lber.

Basscaster(Mike) 5:1 Nipped out of Big Bass in last 2 :evil: . Needs to catch a few monsters.

Culprit (Aris) 6:1 Father son team looking for a big day
- Bassmaster Alex

JasonN (Fish Thief) 9:1 "The Shad Master" rides again.. But it's Senko season now...Still must respect the avatar 'stolen' bass :wink:

Augy 8:1 Maybe a bit rusty??... but can sure catch'em at Deep Lake on any given day.

Fishkid(Creighton) 9:1 Knocking on the door all season. Still in the race for 2nd

Bucketmouth4 (Tom) 10:1 HUGE !!! come from behind win in last. Looks to make it 2 in a row...... Our Tourny Offical of the month :mrgreen:

SkunkedAgain(Tony) 11:1 Big Bass in last event looks to repeat.

Fishthoughts 12:1 Consistent this year always has a keeper. My Bud Long Shot for this month!!!
(Hide)but pronounced "heeday".

Islandfisher (Sean) 14:1 Back from the honeymoon looking for a bit of R&R....GIT-R-DONE!!!

Twoglasseyes (Rudy) 15:1 Power boat racing now deamed illegal on Deep Lake the 12hp has to go and u must row all fine the big bass... :lol:

Bassman for Life (Dean) 16:1 Been off the trail for a few. Lets see what he has up his sleave...Watch out !!!!

Rootpro6 (Keith) 18:1 Needs a monster day to get the $$$

Jaypee the hhf 19:1 Skunked in last. Looking for a big improvment this outting.

Madcraw77 (Alex) 22:1 Two nice fish last time out .... Needs a big day to top this field.

Basshole(John) 27:1 Back in the action after a long layoff....Can he best his first time success?

----------------Field Entries 30:1---------------------------------->


See you all at the docks 5:30am sharp !

Good Luck to all !!!


Disclaimer : Odds and comments are just for "fun" and not real wagering and in no way reflect fishing skills or other related stuff!!!!
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i feel accomplished, i actually made the morning line odds this time thanks! :D

Well done Mike.
Bassman for Life (Dean) 16:1 Been off the trail for a few. Lets see what he has up his sleave...Watch out !!!!

Think I fished the August turny with Sean last year. That was my lucky charm
great stuff mike hopefully your right on with your odds.
always interesting. Thanks mike
Good stuff Mike! I always am looking forward to you post. :D
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