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Gas Station Bait

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I thought i read somewhere that the gas station on touhy and Dee rd. had bait was there didn't see anything ??? anyone know if they got rid of it or was i at the wrong gas station
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I believe the gas station on Touhy and River Rd has the live bait. Not sure about the one on Touhy and Dee.
The touhy and dee station used to have bait. I checked in there last summer and nada. However, the gas station at touhy and river has worms and leeches, maybe crayfish or whatever they are. But they're not cheap. I usually get a few containers of worms at dicks or meiers when I'm around there. there you get 2 dozen for $2 something, gas stations are usually that for one dozen...
thanks for the help guys
Touhy and dee does have a bait dispenser it's behind the ice BUT it has
an out of order sign on it as of 7/19/06 last time I checked
i think the one on dee and golf road the citgo has bait, also the hubcap place has bait too off rand and river i think its on river rd
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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