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okay, so i have been targeting muskies for the past couple weeks on the river. i have been using my muskie gear ( 7 foot musky rod with 6500 abu c3 and 80 lb test) but i have been catching some bass. well a bass puts up about no fight on that type of gear so when you do hook up to one its no fun. i am looking to still have the right equipment for a muskie but also suitable for some bass as well.

the other i decided to use one of my 7 foot rods and spinning reels with 10 pd test. well the plus about the musky gear is when i snagged up i could just yank it out. with the lighter gear i lost two lures in 10 minutes from snags. It might be the line or its old but what type of line do you use on the river? i was thinking 20 ish pound powerpro would be strong enough to pull out snags?

and the worst part is i decided to try for bass a little bit and actually had what i think was a musky or pike on. something hit hard and was pulling hard for about 2 seconds and it broke, definitely a cut off.

so what type of gear do u guys use that would be good for the river, im looking for something that can handle the muskie but not too overpowering for the bass as seeing thats what i mostly catch. im thinking about keeping the rod and reel and it might just be my line. What pound test for braided line woudl you recommend? i mostly trow smaller bucktails and crankbaits for muskie and then jig and twister for bass. Is 30 lb powerpro too heavey??
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