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Geneva 10/17

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Unless you count the perch we were catching for bait, I suffered the first real skunk of the year. There had been some dynamite reports of smallies caught on perch, and fortunately I was privy to some exact spots where they were being caught. As our luck would go though, most spots were devoid of fish, and the schools that we located were not biting. It started well, as my partner almost lost his rod over the sides as we were setting lines. A few minutes later I has a pickup and miss, and that was all she wrote for the rest of the day. A few friends went back out today and they are on again, so we must of picked the worst possible day to go. Kind of disapointing, considering the long drive and not knowing if I will be back out there again. As the Cubs like to say, there is always next year :p
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Even the great FishinMatt gets skunked? They really must not have been biting if you got skunked. Welcome to the club. Better luck next time!
Sorry to hear that buddy. I know you to well to throw in the towel on a skunk. Can't wait for your report next week. Check out the weather for next week looks like this might be your last window of opportunity to get in on some feed bag fishing. Good Luck
Ya know, I will fish in 30, 40 degree highs in March and April, but it is much harder for me to do that in Oct/Nov, especially with a long, espensive ride. I may retire the boat and do some dock fishing there on any decent days I have off up to iceout. Then again, if we get 50+ with moderate winds......... :D
i don't feel so bad now. the almighty fishinmatt logged a pepe le pu. :mrgreen:
I know what ya mean Matt, I'll go out early in the season and sit in the boat freezing my butt off. But these days I just can't get myself to go out for a half hour! I've all but packed up the boat for winter...
I may go back out Wednesday. I have heard some so-so reports and some great ones as well. I guess you just have to be out there at the right time! I couldn't get the skunk twice in a row, could I? :p
I feel a good day for you on Wednesday, the temperature will be a little warmer and you and Mops do pretty good together. Good Luck dude!
3 to 1 odds I am casting big baits on Delavan by noon :p
3 to 1 odds I am casting big baits on Delavan by noon
Looking forward to the pics :D
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