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Geneva 10-30-05

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Hellooooooooooo perch!!!!!!

We drifted over 12-18 FOW with XL fathead and Med shinners on a hook and a few split shot. Caught 15 jumbos above 11" and about 70 below. Water temp was 55, mix of coulds and sun, (better fishing with full sun but not too bad with clouds), temps in low 60's strong west winds. Had two surgical cuts, pike no doubt. It was a blast!!!!! :D

If anyone has a boat I'd love to take em out and show em around.
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Next year man, I'm definately working on getting a boat. Ebay, here I come!!! But you killed them perch tho. I'm jealous!!! Where's the pics bro??
When I can find somewhere to hose em I'll post em.
I'll have pic hosting soon. In the meatime... just email me the pics and i'll post them.
13 incher from 10-16-05

The take from 10-30-05

Looks like alot of fish but split up over 3 families it wasn't all that much.

Maybe someone can help me and share with me how to get the pic to show, I couldn't get the Img tags to work.
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Will, go to and register for free, upload pics there. right click on the pic in photobucket and go to properties. copy the address from there and insert it between

Jason said he's working on image hosting for WCF but you can use this method until then.

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13 Incher from 10-16-05

Augy, YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Thanks so much!
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Nice perch Will. Those jumbos would make the Lake Michigan crowd jealous. Way to slay em :D
Nice fish, Will!

Even though I don't eat fish (just can't stand ANY seafood), those actually look tasty!
Perch is a mighty tasty fish. The best I've had to be honest with you. They taste better when you catch them yourself anyways. You just have to remember not to over harvest.
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