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Geneva 6/1/06

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Fished from 11-5 winds very mild turning to calm later in the day. 69.8 water temp.

Lets make a long story short.

Total fish over - 100
Rock Bass over - 80 caught on anything
Crappie 13-17" - 12 caught on Kalins or Lrg fatheads
Smallies - 10 caught mostly on Kalins 8 over 14" and biggest 17"
Perch - 2 on lrg fatheads
Bluegill - 2 on a small Road Runner with a shinner tail

All fish caught in 8-12 FOW, bite slowed when calm hit.

Pics will be posted on Monday, it's too late now and I'll be in KY this weekend.
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Have a great time in KY this weekend! Take the Mrs. and go to Kentucky Lake. 8)
good outing! have fun in kentucky bro. say hi to D for us.
Excellent report. You won't find that kind of action in too many places :wink:
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