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Geneva 9/12 w/ Augman

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Augie and I put a long day on the water today but were rewarded. We ended up with well over 40 smallies and also some largemouth and pike thrown in. Like last week, every spot we tried held some fish, with some spots being better then others. Overall size was still down, but we did manage some hawgs. It was the maiden voyage for Augie's new boat and everything ran well. We did not take many pictures, because when the action was hot, we both preferred to just keep fishing 8)

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Wow what a unbelievable day for you guys. Must have been nonstop action . The great thing is after looking up in my notes from last year is that the bite continues for another 7-8 weeks. While ive had a good day or 2 last year never came close to 40 fish...... you guys must have felt like Rex Grossman having a game woithout throwing a interception :D
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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