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Geneva/Delavan 8/23

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Theresa and I fished Geneva for a few hours yesterday afternoon, then I hit up Delavan for the the last hour or so of daylight while she window shopped in Lake Geneva

At Geneva, we put crawlers on the bottom in 20-40 feet of water off of a couple of the main lake points. We got into the usual largies, smallies, rockies, perch, seeds, and gills. Nothing huge, but fun enough to keep it interesting.

At Delavan I got this nice bass on my 3rd cast and that was all she wrote.

I wanted to fish Geneva a little more today, but Geneva got a ton of rain last night and it did not let up until about 11A. The women did not want to fish in a wet boat :roll: Oh well :p
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i'm gonna start calling you mr. buzzbait. how do you find the rain bite matt?
I never have had much luck throwing them in the rain. My best luck is early or late in the day. Cloud cover or impending storms also help. Wind is ok, as long as it does not cause rollers, which totally kills the bite. Buzzbait fishing is weird as some days I expect to kill them and only do marginal, and other days I have minimal expectations and put a hurtin on them. I never believed in them until last year, and now they are without a doubt my favorite bait to throw. Confidence in any lure is key :wink:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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