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Cold and windy and rainy opener today. Didnt get a boat. So shore fished first on lake geneva in the abbey marina. Hooked up on a bluegill and 2 bass. One caught on night crawler ( one in picture) and the other on a texas rigged lizard.
Here is the first one caught on crawler

Went to the municple peirs by the fontana beach and got nothin.

Went to Delavan and fished the pay part by the boat launch.

Was their for maybe half hour.

As soon as sun came out put on a booya spinner and a huge northern pike followed it in. Casted out maybe five times and the northern either followed it or hit it. It was very slow and sluggish (needed a trailer hook). After a few cast of nothing at all i get something. It turned out to be a largemouth about 15inches with a nice bite mark on the side of him. Released him on the other side of the lake. ended up leaving with no northern. :evil:

It was a good opener for me. Very windy rainey and cold. Not many people on the lake in the afternoon

I look forward to the reports from other people
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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