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Geneva Municipal Piers

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For those of you that do not have boat access, the fishing has been good for perch of the municipal piers in Geneva. My buddy got a boat load the other day topping out at 12'', plus the usual rambos. Just a thought if you are looking for something different.

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Do you have a location of the piers? Or the street they are off of? I'd love to give Delevan a shot.
The municipal piers are for Lake Geneva. I asked my friend for more specifics. The municipal pier that he likes best is the long, white one w/ the beach directly to the right of it. The water is 10-11 feet deep and he uses a slip bobber with fatheads 8-9 feet down. He has seen just about everything in the lake caught off the pier in Fall, including a lake trout (that one suprised me). The only problem is that they will be removing the piers soon, if not already. He was last out a week and half ago so if they are not out now, they will be gone soon. Best action for him occurs just before dusk.
Sorry I didn't read your postwell enough. I think Matt, I think Delevan. All the pier are currently out of Geneva. :(

I have fished off Lynn pier waiting to launch and got a few nice keeper Perch in the few casts I have made from there.
Not a problem Will. My friend actually sent me an email today saying he was still getting some nice fish off the pier. I was suprised because I figured they were all out too. Hopefully I can get out with him before ice-up and see for myself.

hey will what's up? we killed em this week at montrose max 10" though didn't measure all of em but no skunks yet...
I've been sick. It's lookin like Sunday I may be seen at Geneva!?!?!? I hope so at least.
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