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Get in my Belly!

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Also saw this guy yesterday with what appears to be a bass in his mouth. The photo sucks I couldnt get any closer. Very curious as to how he was gonna eat this. Could he swallow it whole? BTW thats the only fish I saw yesterday. :oops:

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sure looks like a bass, good eye MrB.
MrB it looks like you got pretty close to that guy. Good job!
Didn't anyone tell that basterd about catch and relese....LOL
Bassman For Life said:
Didn't anyone tell that basterd about catch and relese....LOL
poacher! it's not legal size!
Holly Crap Matt I did to My Brother made me when I was young
FishinMatt said:
I ate a minnow once.
i think i'm turning japanese...i think i'm turning japanese...i really think so! :mrgreen:
It used to be a Fox River tradition when we went camping on the islands. The only rule was that they had to be alive when they were swallowed. They really are not too bad, but who know, I was always kinda drunk :D

Getting back to the bird subject, those guys are really thick in population. Just about every body of water has them now.
Those are some incredible outdoor photo's Mr B, very cool! Sometimes the best part of wetting a line is the distraction of marveling at your surroundings. :)
Have anyone ever witnessed those birds at Heidecke. When the baby shad are thick, they is a bird chowing them every 100 feet or so on the riprap. A few summers back in WI I saw one grab a 12'' pike out a shallow marshy inlet. I wonder if they impact fish populations in certain places?
I see alot of the white ones at the Glen,have witnessed them many times catching shad & what looked like small gillies.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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