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Glance back at 2007 with some friends on my local lake

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While i personally didnt have a great year on my lake at least i can say i saw some friends pull in some decent fish. Ha d a great time with alot of the neighboors kids, made a good friend with a older gent named Larry who taught be a bit about life and fishing. Got out with some old pros , such as Sweedish LENN, MRB alias ADAM, Dave the great BASSINATOR, and that fishing God Fisshin MATT. Also got to meet the infamous TOOTHDOC , who travled along way to catch his hog bass.Heres a few pics, hope a couple of you guys will make it out next year.... always room in my boat for anyone on this WCF.

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Great pics Mike. I really enjoyed our day out on the water this fall. Thanks again. :D
Awsome job Coyote,thats great u were able to put those kids on fish especially Matt & Tim lol

Great job guys !
Oh my God! :shock: This is one awesome post coyote. :D Those are some beautiful fish, I'm really liking FishinMatt's catches. :D I'm liking all the bass, all the catfish :shock: , and all the Pike. Where is this lake of yours coyote? :?: Man, I would love to head out with you sometime next year. Thanks for the awesome post! :wink: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
awesome awesome, looks like you had a great year, reminds me of my year at opeka. thanks for the post. i really enjoyed the pictures =] keep em comming! :D
That really is a great post, Mike. The smiles on everyone's faces are priceless.

Thanks for being a part of this site and sharing your fishing knowledge and opportunities with others. Exactly what WCF is all about.
i like the pic of the kid with the orange shirt and monster cat! i can't remember the last time i smiled that big! :mrgreen:

great post coyote!
Awesome post indeed! There are a lot of nice fish in that lake for sure. Looks like you know the waters pretty well! :D
Nice Post. How much do you charge for your guide service
Btw Matt your not allowed in boat next year without a shirt :D :D You scared the hell out of that crappie. To answer earlier question this lake is in LAKE in The hills.
Outstanding post Coyote!! Those pic's are priceless. I have a question do you live by Lake Delevan like by the lake front?
Lots of great pictures with nice fish and many smiles. Looks like everyone had good times with you this year.

Great Post...

That's what I call living the good life, you've got to be pretty dog
gone proud to be able to show so many people such a good time
and put smiles like the ones on their faces. I thank you for sharing
this great post and those pictures with us . 8)
coyote said:
Btw Matt your not allowed in boat next year without a shirt :D :D You scared the hell out of that crappie. To answer earlier question this lake is in LAKE in The hills.
To tell you the truth, looking at that picture frightened me a bit as well :oops:

As always, thanks for taking me out there. It is always enjoyable to spend a day in the boat with you.
Thanks for nice comments guys, had alot of laughs this year thats for sure. Legend, for as much time i spend in Wisconsin i should be a resident, but i live in beauitiful Lake In The Hills, Illinois.Am in negotiations with Mrs Coyote about a pssible move up north in near future , but praobly will never happen.
Nice pics Mike!
It looks like 2007 was very good to you.
I wonder how big that crappie will be next year Mike? It should be close to breaking the 17'' barrier. If I remember right, the last time it posed for pictures with you it was 16 3/4''?
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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