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Glen 10-26-05

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Fished from 10am-12pm threw rat-l-trap,1/8ozgrub and spinnerbaits in southpool with no luck moved to the rocks between the 2 bridges and got a pike.

1st pike i`ve seen at the glen.
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no way dude! :shock: bro, you definately have a horse shoe up your arse!
If the horseshoe fits wear it ! lol.
That's the first Northern that I've seen taken out of there. Congrats man! :shock:
Nice fish, Aris! Did you get a measurement?
was released while still in the water.
aris, you're just slayin em out there at the Glen arent u...

crazy, yeah thats the frist pike i've seen out of there too.. nuts.
Nice pike Aris. Did you take the picture in the water cause you were scared of the dog like teeth... :wink:

Pike freak me out for some reason.
Thats a nice Pike looks like it had a thick back must a been a great fight Good lookin fish nice job
Nice pike :!: :!: :!: WCF member killing the pike all over the place :D
Sweet Pike! I didnt know that they were even in there.
Nice Fall pike with a gentlemans release. Doesn't get any better. Cool water pic 8)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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