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Glen 8-20-06

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Fished from 6:45 to 8:00 ,northwind to about 7:30 then calm managed 2 12-13" lmb and 5 crappie all on pop-r`s.
While I was unhooking a crappie my cellphone fell into the lake,I got it out but its not working. :(
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Nice report...wish I could have been there. I just read something about dropping electronics into water. You're supposed to put it into a ziploc bag full of rice. I guess the rice absorbs the water. Sounds kind of dumb, but I guess it's worth a try. Oh, what kind of Pop-R are you using. The one I bought today is silver and black. How should that work?
Usually I use a 1/8oz pop r at the glen , but today I used the 1/4oz one,as for color I dont think it matters too much for this lure.
Sorry to hear about your phone. I heard that same thing about the rice. I don't know if it actually works or not, but it sounds like it is worth a try. Thanks for the report.
One time I was crossin over this little "outlet" at some forest preserve pond and it had logs all over it and my friend climbed over, then I took a step on the wood and it fell rihgt through and the outlet was like 4 feet deep........ I got soaked, my tackle bag fell in + my rods, and my cell phone broke forever....... lol

man i wish i could fish the Glen, I'm back at school already! dangit.
Tim, There has got to be some good honey holes to be found down in Urbana or Champaign that is better than the Glen. This place gets so much fishing pressure, I average less than half a bass per 1.5-hour of fishing there these days. It's time for me to find another place... lake arlington anyone?
if you need rice aris, i've got like 50lbs of it. kekeke :mrgreen:
screw it,had that phone for too long ,kinda glad it happened
now I can get a new one.
Dude Aris, it's a bummer -- can you retrieve the videos of the fish you caught and your son?

and Eric.... I fished this one pond right in Urbana a couple weeks ago when I came down here to visit, I found out a few days ago that they found a dead body in the same lake that I was at!!! It's right across the street from an Urbana-City projects.......
Tim, you've got to find a better place to fish. Stay away from the projects!

use a blow dryer on the phone DO NOT turn it on unless it's
100% dry or it will fry. Nice fish
I'll tell you what NOT to do with a phone dropped in a lake. Don't let Augy touch it. :roll:
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