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Glen 8-28-06

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Fished from 6:45-10:30am rain on and off ,caught a 14" lmb from the northen most pier on a chartreuse n white spinnerbait.

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I haven't fished off of those piers all year. It's nice to see someone catching fish off of them. Thanks for the report.
good to know your getting some fishing in with the mom and kids back. nice bass for the glen.
Bow Bow Bow to Aris The Fish GOD
Nice bass dude, lol Aris I picked up a light action pistol grip baitcasting rod (real cheap one......not gloomis) in honor of you, I plan on usin' them around the ponds nearby my campus. I'll put aside my heavy stuff for a while.
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa good going bud,there great for topwater n spinnerbaits let me know how u like it,
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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