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Glen 9-2-06

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Fished from 6-8pm had 2 topwater fish throw the lure by the lily pads in the south pool ended up with the big skunk. :(
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Big weather from out of the east coming. skunks will abound........
the old law of fishing :lol:


Another map within miles of Ohare ... headHour=0

Lots of weather/wind coming str8 from the east this week
and the tide moon is just in it's worst spots...So I am checking for bad reports...lets see if the trend is true. Seems stupid but I have compared the WCF reports(over this last year) to the silly moon charts and it holding it's own so far.( a friend says that the tide moon is very accurate ...until I saw his data i thought he was nutz)
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I haven't seen those maps before, Mike. Good stuff. Except of course, for the shitty weather coming our way.
Thx Mike cool stuff !
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