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Glen report 8.7.05

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Aris and I fished from 8-10. Fishing was slow in the beginning with only 1 bass each but we saw some serious action later that evening.

Some horny ass couple decided they couldn't wait to get back to the house so they just did it right there on the main pier. We couldn't see anything from where we were but there was some serious moaning and groaning going on. Aris and I just looked at each other and were like, WTF! Try fishing with a women moaning not too far away. Not exactly easy to concentrate on catching fish if ya know what i mean. he didn't last too long tho, it was over in a jiffy. :mrgreen:
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That's too funny... hah hah, musta been hard ta fish

When ya guys goin' out next? I was out there around 7:30pm last night for 15 mins before the gf got off workat the Glen. I shouldda stuck around thoughh
They don't call it a Popp-er for nothin' :oops:
You should have casted onto the dock and caught that guy in the ass with a big treble hook.
Haaaaaaa that was just too funny !
Hey Tim, I`ll be out there wednesday night and most likely so will the Augmiester.

We`ll be looking for u.
Hey, I''m pretty sure I can be out there tomorrow night. I'll look out for ya guys.
I'm going to the Sox game tomorrow night. Let me know how you guys do.
DAMN! Looks like me and my hot 23 year old girlfriend got busted again! :shock:
Yo Aris, I actually have to leave from the Glen at 8.... crap! The girlfriends expectin me to be over at that little strip mall next to the lake by then, but I'll try to get out tehre by 7pm or somethin, if not though I'll see ya next time.

Oh yeah, I'll be a Deep Lake this saturday too, but if you're free (or anybody else on WCF) anyday this week or early next week I'm free to go there again (in the morning/afternoon). So if anybodys interested shoot me a PM.
Augy and Aris, were you guys anywhere near the Park Center (by the south pond) between 8:00 to 9:00pm? I was at the south end near the lily pad area. Now I think about it, the two persons I saw must be you. Sorry I didn't go to you and introduce myself.
I missed all the actions that evening (both in and off the water). :(

yup, that was us. next time you see either of us come and say hello.
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