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glow spoon charger

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Any science/phsyics experts here that can help determine whether or not this UV flashlight is a better (ie. quicker) way to charge our glow spoons than the disposable camera flashes or the $20 camera flash Ed Shirley's sells?
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I saw on a different fishing site that UV was better than the normal flashers to charge glow spoons. Supposedly it makes them glow longer.
I've heard that camera flashed make the spoons glow a little too bright and tend to spook fish. I think the UV lights makes them glow longer and not as bright.
RobBull said:
I've heard that camera flashed make the spoons glow a little too bright and tend to spook fish. I think the UV lights makes them glow longer and not as bright.
That's the same thing that I heard. There's also some discussion on another fishing board whether or not the glowing is actually necessary. Personally, I think that it helps.
i dont know if it helps that much, when i go king fishing we use rat l traps and we have a couple glow traps and i caught a 15lber on a glow trap but i didnt have it glowing, and my dad caught a 24lb lake trout on a regular rat l trap
Anyone know when the lakers or brown trouts are coming in? I caught a couple of browns (I think they were browns) off the pier in Waukegan, but they didn't look particulary healthy.
I find that if you fish cranks, you don't need to charge them (all action is built in...if it has a rattle), but charging spoons is a good idea. When I went to Dick's to get my new reel, I picked up a LED headlamp (one of those things coal miners wear), which is very handy when fishing in the dark. That thing was only $10. I also picked up a tiny LED keychain for $2. It's VERY bright and it charges my spoons nicely. That flashlight is nice, but I just don't see it as very practical when charging lures (it's kind of big), but it would charge lures well.
Thanks guys for the info on the UV light.

RobBull, here are two pics of what Browns look like:

Here's one of a Brown placed above a King:

These pics are from a LM charter trip from this past Saturday morning.
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now those are healthy fish eric! what a difference eh? that's a purrty brown!!

glowmates products glow the longest of all the glow lures i've used. glow rat traps suck when it comes to glowing longevity. i use a small keychain uv light and it keeps my glowmates lit for at a good 5-6 casts.
Where did you guys pick up the glow mates lures?
Nice fish Eric !
Those fish look delicious, Eric! :) My mouth is watering already :lol:
Thanks guys. But I really wasn't posting these to show them off--can't take much credit for fish caught on chartered outtings, given that I didn't rig them nor put them in the water. The boat did most of the work.

I just thought that since I had a pic of a brown available, I'd post it for RobBull to compare if the fish he was catching in Waukegan were of the same type.

I think I might just buy one of these UV flash lights on ebay. Maybe not the big 49 lights one, but one that has 12 bulbs on it.
The glow products seem to be losing some of their steam. I personally don't fish the Fall run, but like to keep up on the reports. It seems that the guys that are thinking a little outside the box (cranks) are consistently putting fish on the board. I have also heard of many guys getting consistent catches with nonglow spoons at night. I wonder myself if it matters.
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