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goin on sunday 07-02-06 looking for bass and walleye where?

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Hey guys i'm taking my GF to the skokie lagoons on sunday she has never gotten a bass or walleye be4 so i was looking for some advice on whereabouts to find some
she dosen't know much about fishing so i was thinking of setting her up with a senko set up or something being that they do most of the work for you- this a good idea or not
i'm going at 9 to 1ish
sorry about the long post any advice would be great thanks guys
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I have had little success with Senkos at the lagoons. The best bass place is lagoon #6 I think but it is covered in weeds and surface vegetation. If your girlfriend is anything like my fiance she'll have little patience for that. I'd try lagoon #5, there is a place between tower and dundee road (park by the picnic pavilian and porto potty) walk back and to the left from there and there along the shore is a decent place to catch crappie, bass, wallie. I've used red/pink jig heads with white/yellow minnow grubs there with some success. Let me know how ya do, i'm still trying to figure out that Skokie Lagoons place.
Thanks for the advice and yes my girlfriend will not be ok all the weeds and i don't want to lose my lures and plastics (bc i know she will get caught up) so i will try lagoon 5 if it dose have less weeds i have only been to skokie lagoons once be4 so i'm looking forward to it
The cool thing about the Skokie Lagoons is that there is a lot of water, plenty of shore fishing, and lots of different conditions.

Yes... Lagoon 6 (my favorite) is choked with weeds. Didn't used to be that way. But remember... bass hang out in weeds!

Drive along Forest Way, find a place to park right along the road, and get to work. Get the GF's rig setup with a float (bobber) and some wax worms. That almost guarentees a fish. Then you need to get busy with some soft plastics. The summer is the best time for a Texas-rigged plastic worm. It's weedless, and you can toss it against the many trees and such in the water.

Another thing you both can do is go for catfish! Sounds like you will be fishing early, but not at "ideal" fishing time. Chicken livers sitting on the bottom can produce BIG catfish.

Walleye will be tough at the time you are fishing
If she doesn't have much experience fishing, especially with the artificial stuff, she could get frustrated rather easily. Senkos are magical but still need to be worked in a fashion to trigger a strike. Live bait like Jason said would probably give her a better chance to hookup with mr. bucketmouth. I'd also try crawlers off the bottom. I've caught several bass at the lagoons this way.

But you never know, women almost always out fish us dudes no matter what we do. Just don't admit it and say it's your teaching ability that got her on more fish. :wink:
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