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Going Fishing today

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It's too nice of a day for me to eat my lunch inside. I'm getting out of the office during my break and gonna fish the goons!!! (I work about 10 mins away)
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May you return to work smelling of fish! 8)
Good luck Mike, I'm heading up to Milwaukee in a couple hours and I'm going to hit a river or the harbor or something, haven't quite decided, might bring the fly rod or something... Good luck man.
Good luck guys, breaking out of here at noon hitting the Fox.
perfect day to be out!

even though i didn't catch anything in my 40 minutes of fishing time during lunch, it was still nice to be outside and escape from the desk.

i did witness a guy catch a monster (for the goons) walleye on a green twister tail and jig. He was just casting and retrieving. The fish looked to be packed of eggs and was a solid 23-24", easily a 5# fish. And guess where the fish went... on a yellow stringer :cry:
if u go after work u may see me there wit my buddy.
What exactly is a yellow stringer???/???
:D im new to fishing
What exactly is a yellow stringer???/???
:D im new to fishing
That means he bagged it for lunch.
Not to sound like a smart ass but how can you be a Muskie Hunter and be new to fishing??
For a newbie you certainly set your standards high! :D
Just bustin' your chops. I'm sure we all would have preferred that the guy let the fish go back in the water but they will occasionally put them on the stringer. May you and the stringer never meet.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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