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going thru withdraw symptoms

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i am jonesing bad my friends. it's been 6 consecutive days without a hookup. i may have to go over to rainkings house and throw out a couple senkos in his tub. i think i'd have better luck there. :wink:

who's brave enough to fish today? i may have to give the Glen another go.
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hey augs hope you get that LM who kept playing with on Sat. Good Luck
Augy, I'm down to fish tonight at The Glen. I think I'm going to head out there around 7pm till probably 8 or 8:30. I'll probably try the Glen tomorrow morning too, it's supposed to only be in the 70's.
seriously...i'm thinking about it if i get skunked again. and if i do get the big stink...Jay, take away my "fishing czar" title and replace it with "Pepe Le Pu".
augy u better get something be4 the baby comes bc i bet ur fishing time will take a big hit after that with the new baby and all
you know it tom! but i'll be way happier being with my daughter and cleaning her poop. :lol:
Hey Augy, today would be a good day to take the 'noe to Opeka and hit the western shoreline! Especially off the 11th, 13th and 17th tees!
Thanks Tim. Where do I pick up an Opeka license?
In the 'clubhouse' near the marina. They may also try to get you for a launch fee of $10 if you take the 'noe....but you might want to try and launch it from the south shore and they may not say anything. Seems to just depend on their mood at the time.
seriously, i want to trade in my canoe for a small boat w/ trailer. man, lugging that canoe around is a major chore. especially by myself.
I went through the exact same thing a year ago. My wife and I bought a 15' Pelican, I modified it for fishing by putting sponsons on the sides and moved/new seats, the whole nine yards only to sell it on CL and go buy a 12' row boat and motor. (Now I want to upgrade from a 5hp to a 10hp if anybody is interested!). But it just got too tough to haul alone and too unstable when both of us were in it together. Though the rowboat has a trailer and isn't as easy to get on any body of water, I am much, much happier fishing from it and can take it on much bigger bodies of water as well as Beck, Busse and Opeka. Search craigslist and you'll for sure find a decent little 12' or 14' aluminum boat for @ $400.00 with trailer. May need some work but well worth it IMHO :D
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