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Going to Beck Lake

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I'm going to go to Beck Lake early tomorrow morning. Does anyone have suggestions on what kind of presentation attract bass at this time of year? Also if I'm stuck on land I hear the north east corner of the lake is the best. Is that true?
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North and east and been best. With the warm weather that we have had the past few days, the bass are more active. The problem is that they aren't real active until mid to late morning. Also with the weather cooling down tonight, your guess is as good as mine. I would try plastics worked on the bottom with a 1/8 oz jighead or a jig n pig.
Slow and easy will give you the best chance. The bass are not going to be chasing much. I also like to use suspending jerkbaits with long pauses b/w twitches.
Yes, I agree with what Matt said. Definitely slow retrieve. Many of the fish I caught yesyerday were on the pause.
Thanks for the information guys. I'll be sure to write a report and let you know what happened. Hey Doc I see you are from Glenview. What is your favorite close by fishing spot?
I don't really like anything close by. The Glen is over fished and Beck is a tough lake to fish. I fish them both, but I wouldn't say that they are my favorite. I like to go to Lake Michigan more.
Welcome Islandfisher! Beck is tough to fish like doc said but you'll be well rewarded with some time invested in this lake. There are some lunkers in there. Good luck.
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