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Going to try Belleau on 11/22

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I have Wednesday off for thanksgiving and am going to try my luck at Belleau. My plan is to throw out some trout nugs on a bobber on the west side while I cast and slowly retrieve for bass. Does anyone have tips on colors, depths, or good areas? Also how much line should I leave between the bobber and the bait?

Thanks for your time,

-Islander :)
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Islander, Belleau can be tough to fish. I wouldn't recommend trout nuggets unless you are going to be fishing for trout. Even then they probably won't work this long after the trout were released. The trout nuggets work well right after the trout are first released. Now if you want to try for trout, I would use small inline spinners.

If you want to go for bass I would try two different things:
1) Plastics, such as a creature bait or a jig n pig worked real slow and paused. The colors I would try are darker ones such as black or brown or dark green.
2) Live bait. Minnows under a slip bobber so that you can adjust the depth quickly. I would use large minnows like a golden roach. Start out shallow and slowly increase the depth if you don't get any action. Belleau is pretty deep, so if you need to fish them deep, a slip bobber is your best bet.

I find Belleau tough to fish in the best of times and this is one of the toughest times of year to fish for bass. Good luck!
East side is the best. The first 3 spots up the east side. The drop off starts about 8 - 10 feet out then drops fast. Set your bobber at 6-8 or 10 feet cast the minnow out about 15 or 20 feet and bring it in until you feel it hit the drop/bottom.... place is full of rocks. Hard to say (like Doc said) what depth they will be suspending. Fish finder would sure help.

I fish Belleau in the late summer and got a few nice bass but they are few and far between. If you get 1 you had a good day..Good Luck

Keep us posted
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