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Fished my normal spot on the dpr, took a short walk off the beaten path and caught about 10 Northerns! All with my bare hands.. What a great feeling....

Well, they were all small fry, about 3" long and stuck in flood puddle close to the river. A short walk to the dpr and away they were. May have lost one when a huge northern sitting in hiding exploded on one.. Damn, that was kinda cool to.

Coolest site ever, Thousands of fry everywhere! Sat there for a while not even fishing just watching them play around.

Sad news though is that there were many many more stuck in these little flood puddles along the river, of which im sure will soon dry up. Was a small run off though, that some were making it down to the river on but like I saw the big northerns seemed to be waiting right there. But still in the slackwater there was many many more. Still this goes to prove that the DPR does have a health population of pike and not as polluted as everyone thinks.
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