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Gotta Pike!

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Went to a local pond tonight, fished for about an hour. Got one small skinny LMB on a dinger. Switched over to the new baitcaster rig w/spinnerbait. I saw some activity along a weedline, cast, big hit, pulling drag, lost. Damn! Thought it was a nice bass, a couple of more casts in the area then BAM! Got 'em! this guy fought very nicely. I am hooked on pike. I can only imagine how much large pike fight cuz this was awesome. Second pike here and third time fishing this pond. It was also my first fish on the new rig. Gotta another small bass on a jitterbug. Sorry about the pic but she didnt want me to take her picture. Thats the best I was able to get.

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Nice, dude! Did you get a chance to measure it?
No, with it being dark and the way this guy was spazzing it was the furthest thing in my mind. I have 2 blurry pics cuz everytime I went to shoot her, she started spazzing so I just wanted to get her back in. I would guess 20"-25". I was going to go elsewhere tomorrow but, I think that I will go back there early am. The surface activity was pretty incredible after dark. I would have stayed longer but it started getting a little creepy there all alone.
nice catch MrB!! always happens when you least expect it don't it?
Hey nice fish!
I caught 3 northerns last week and they were all about 22"-24" and I was thinking the same thing because these little guys fought so well... I really wonder how a trophy would feel like.
Look out, the pike will get you hooked. First you just want to catch one, then a decent one, then a 30''. then a 36'', then a 40''+. Then you get the musky bug................ :p
Yep, just as Matt says, that's how it happened to me! First, a few seasons ago I caught a little Pike snake, that's a bit how I got back into fishing. Then, I caught a bigger one the next season, then a bigger one, then some Muskies, then a much bigger Pike and a much bigger Muskie and a much bigger Walleye up North. Now I can't hardly stand fishing at Lake Opeka! :lol: But, it's all in the way they attack the bait and run with it! Plus, they are 'daytimers' being active during daylight hours as opposed to early am or late pm, which is my kind of fish :D Ok, I gotta stop talking about it or I'm gonna cry :cry:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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