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Great Senko Article

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Here's an article from 2000 that has some great Senko technques from Gary Yamamoto himself.
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This site has practically everything you might want to know about Senkos on it. I have found it to be very helpful. ... 1121527643
Thanks toothdoc, has anybody tried melting and repouring senkos or dingers? Or maybe microwaving them to soften em up and maybe in the process 'fusing' the hook tears back together :?: + :?: = :idea: Ok, now I'm gonna think outloud: what if someone, anybody kinda handy, took a slug-go and cast bondo around its bottom and sides, removed the slug-go and had a 'mold'. then melted down a senko or two and poured it into the mold. Ah, but would it stick in the mold? How to make a nonstick mold? wax? Hmmmm....... or take a senko and mold bondo all around it, cut that in half and remove the old senko, pour melted senkos into each side and used melted senko juice to bond the cooled sides together?

Or, just go out, buy another pack and make Gary a bit more $$$ and go fishing? :lol:
Actually, I tried a lighter to melt the senko and that works great. But still would like to see if I can melt them and pour them into a slug-go mold. I bought some 9" slug-go for up north and just for kicks. I think I'll try and make some 9" slenkos!
Tried the 9" slenkos. Actually worked! Except they're just to heavy to hold together! Looks awesome, but would probably break apart on the first cast if not shortly after. But usinga lighter to repair senkos works fine, at least giving them another round of use.
what'd you catch on the tommy lee senkos? :mrgreen: i'll have to try the lighter repair thing. thanks for the tip.
Wow, Topwater... you've given this "Senko melting" thing a lot of thought. Just don't burn your house down! :lol:

I've actually had decent luck using Senko's for multiple fish. Not 5 or 6, but maybe 3 or 4. Usually though, it's a LEAST good for 2 fish. It's amazing though, how everytime I land a fish with a Senko, the bait winds up WAY up the line and totally off the hook! I usually then re-hook it and have the hook tip come out the other side of the bait.
It's like a 'meth lab' for
Hey, it actually worked! I didn't fish it cause it was just too big :mrgreen: really it was huge and wouldn't have held together. But, trying it with a smaller size sluggo would probably yield real nice results. I just don't have much time anymore and would rather fish.

The lighter thing works great, be careful though, the senko drool is sticky and burns! Also, I cut off the tip that goes up the hook and melt that end over then hookthrough a little lower too, gives it a whole new life!

Also noticed that how hard you have to cast, or distance, makes a big difference in longevity. I know just tossing it a dozen feet or so doesn't really effect them much, but casting them 50+ feet repeatedly really limits their lifespan.
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