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Went up to my cousins cabin on ham lake wisconsin, about 8 hrs north. Fished everyday. We had a contest the catagories were most fish, biggest fish, and most overall inches.
Caught tons of fish northerns, bass crappie, tiger muskie. most fish on an x-rap, and abut 4 bass in teh afternoon on a 4 inch smoke/pearl yum dinger
I won all three catagories with 228 inches, with like 17 fish and a huge bass :lol:
didnt take many pics but i did get one of the big bass, caught on a 4 inch smoke pearl yum dinger

and another one of a bass

I also caught a 2lb crappie but we dint bring the camera on the boat.
But i did get a picture of the best fisherman on the lakes house, two bald eagles nest, there are stories of the eagle taking peoples cats from around the lake

it was an overall good fishing trip a beautiful lake private so no need for a liscense, and not much traffic once dinner starts.
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