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Harbor action Thurs. the 22nd, and Monday the 26th P.M.

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sorry for the lateness on this one.... got out to the harbors thursday night the 22nd, and havent had time to post till now...

Got out there at about 7 15 pm and fished till midnight....i think it was midnight, chi city cops gave me the boot... i would have kept fishin!

Caught one Smallie on a Jig and craw...i was more swimming the jig, then jigging.

also pick up some decent largemouth.

First one bite a 3 1/2 inch purple reddish in the pic if you look, texas rigged.

The second came on a strike king cyber flexxx creature bait, in green color.

The cops told me to leave! :( :( :(

Monday after hitting the pond, and havin some luck...i headed back out to the harbors for the evening bite.

got out there 630- left at 1015.

All fish caught on 3 1/2 inch tube pumpkin green, texas rigged...just draggin and pop'n. 2 smallies and one largmouth.

a very nice way to end a good fishing weekend!

Sorry for the lack of actual report...they are on to me here at work, and i might get fired if i dont start doing some work.

JayPee the HHF!
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Good job Jaypee. Glad to see that you are getting some quality fish.
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