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Very sorry for you and your family.

Your scenario was almost spot-on with the scenario I went through just a few years ago. Lost my little whippet unexpectedly to heart failure at about 12.5yrs old.
Like you, I have buried some close people in my life, sat with dad in the hours leading to his passing, & none of those events came close to the grief that losing my dog did. I agree, it sounds cold & horrible, but it was the truth. I lost about 30-40lbs through lack of appetite, & just didnt feel good/right for quite awhile after she died. I was presented the same options & outlook you were as far as treating the dog, & I chose to let her go & not subject her to the treatment. A decision that haunted me & kept me full of guilt for some time. I said there was no way I was going to let her go in the company of strangers, wondering where the hell I was & why did I leave her there.

After awhile I made a concerted effort to stay busy & avoid idle time & eventually started to feel a bit better. You wouldnt believe how many hair jigs I tied over that period of time! Lol.

Anyway, Cyanatic, you have my sympathy. Hang in there.
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