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Shore fished Heidecke Lake from 6:30am-1pm. Temps in mid 40's-mid 50's sunny, very light NE winds.

Got there at the gate opening and secured a spot under the the southwest corner of the bridge. Minnows produced small walleye 10"-14", and 2 smallnouth bass 13.5" and 14". One smallmouth bass was caught on a Rapala X-Rap. The best walleye method was the minnows right off the bottom.

Another angler 30 yards down caught a 15+ pound hybrid striped bass on cut bait (sliced up bluegill).

Reports from around the lake were very slow. One guy on the north side of the **** by the bridge had several small-medium hybrids on medium roaches/crawlers.

Total catch:
Jason - 2 walleye
Augy - 3 smallmouth bass
Tony - 4 walleye


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It was nice to get out again to Heidecke. We'll be better prepared next time and have a better idea how to get on them stipers. Good times. We'll switch music from the 80's to the 90's at the next outing. :wink:
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