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My Buddy and I arrived at Heidecke at 6am. Greybeard rented us a boat and we were on the water at 615 am. As soon as we left the dock and entered the main lake, we began to troll shad rap #5's along the rocks. My buddy caught an 18" walleye.

Off under the bridge we went. We head toward the island on the north side. We fished the rocks along the center dike starting by the island and working our way back to the bridge area. Within 1.5 hrs, we caught 18 hybrid stripers, 10 smallmouth, and my buddy had his line snapped by a muskie.

1130 am rolled around and we went to grab a bite to eat at greybeards. Went back on the water at 1245pm and fished until 430pm. Not a single fish between 1245 and 430.
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