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Ok, the ice fishing thing is fun, but I need to go somewhere and cast a line. So backed ud the kid, and made the trek from the sticks to Busse. After the Mcdonalds stop, cause the kid was starvin :roll: , we got there about 10. Made our way down, and found the bucketheads in full force. Couldn't cast a line in between all those bobbers. So we headed down Salt creek a little ways. We get to a clearing in the trees, with some slack water. I told the kid this is it. Started off with a spinnerbait, slow rolling it. Nothing doing. Tied on a jig with a chommpers trailer, and started working that along the banks. As I'm working that, a couple of guys show up. So I started talking to them while working the jig in. As I get within a couple of feet the thing makes a bee line out into the middle. I set the hook, and pull this guy in.

First Muskie ever. What a blast. After working the area for a while longer, the kid is freezing so it's time to go. We pack up and head out around the discharge. To my surprise almost all the bucketheads are gone. Only a few were left. So, I tell the kid were going to try for a couple of minutes. I'm looking out and what do I see, a group of four fish sitting in a little hole. I cast the same jig out about three feet past them and slowlly start to work it back. As it gets into them, I see one of them go sideways, then down. Set the hook and pull this guy in.

Not that big, but one of the bigger ones that I saw swimming around. Those darn bucketheads just gave me a scowl as I grabbed my stuff and left. Too bad the kid didn't get anything, but he says he had fun anyway. I told him he'll get them next time. Not too bad for only a couple of hours.
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