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Heres another one

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Ya .......very stupid !
Just plain Dumb!
Cmon now guys. Most of us get the chance to live and learn from our mistakes, it bothers me quite a bit to see guys just dismissing something like this as mere stupidity. Think of when you were 19, how much stupid crap you did and how we're all probably lucky to be alive. Of course people do things that don't make sense but let's not judge them for one thing. If it was a 50 year old man maybe that would be the case but at 19 I still had my head in my rectum.

I'll pray for the family and ask god to help them cope with their loss of such a young life.
yeah, i've done some stupid things, but i've never ran from the cops and jumped into a fast moving river to get away. yeah, it's sad, and i'm sure his family is taking it pretty hard, however, someone with half a brain wouldn't do something that dumb. i just hope others have learned from this kids mistake.

gee nap, didn't know you had such a soft spot. it's a whole new side of you i've never seen. i respect that.
I definately agree with jnap on this one. Yes, it was stupid. But i've been so damned blessed with getting out of stupid situations alive and well.

Yeah, the kid used very poor judgement and it cost him the total package. Hopefully such a lesson will save many, many more lives than it cost.

And actually, i've done STUPIDER things, we all probably have.

A little thought for all and this situation applies...
Proverbs 3: 5-6, give it a read (NIV version is the best). I try to keep that in mind with EVERYTHING I do. And if it saves me 1 out of 10 times, it's helped me 1000 time over.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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