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High and low / Busse 12-21-2005

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Good and bad day at Busse. Good news first...All bass landed were big. For the discharge that is. I mean most were at 12 inches with a few 10 inchers. Didn't catch a ton of fish, only 7 but boy were they big. Now for the really good news which entails the bad. Caught a super fat 14 incher that snapped my ultra light rod like a cheap toothpick as I was lifting her ashore. :shock: That's how big this girl was. Maybe the cold had something to do with it. Anyway, I hope Dick's let's me exchange it for another without a receipt.

I'll be there again tomorrow. Gonna try the pool for some eyes too. I'll be there around 9ish.

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didn't anyone ever tell u don't hoist a pig without a net? :lol: u go boy!!! again wish i were there!!!
Well, Dick's let me exchange the rod without a receipt and I fished the discharge again this Sat. Damn it was cold! The bite was real slow. Only managed a dozen bass. We are at 90+ now. This week's warm up should be a nice break from the frigid cold.

Btw, I saw 4 guys ice fishing above the dam. This warm up I think is really going to mess up the ice. Bad news for ice anglers. Good news for open water guys.
Way to go Augy! man i gotta get out there with you one of these days. i might have a sitter sat. morn let me know if u plan to go...
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