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hit the backyard pond today 7/23

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first i went to dicks to gear up, i lost the trailor piece on my chatterbait , does anybody have any suggestions of what i can put on it?
then i got out to the lake about 12:30 seemed pretty nice and cool. i had to use my spinning rod :cry: because my pole for my baitcaster broke. i hooked into one fish, well i thought it was a rock until it swam up and spit out the 4 inch smoke w/black & purple flake...tehn my buddy needed to spool up his reel so i ran to the house got the line ad it seemed like a huge heatwave hit, and turned off the fishing.. What a bummer i guess theres always tomarrow
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I've rigged a chatterbait with a curly tail grub, or you can use a dinger or senko and cut the 'tail' part to give it a dual tail, try whatever and see if anything else works. I think the 'majic' of the chatterbait is all in the retrieve action, the curly tail grub looks fantastic when retrieved! Never caught anything on it yet, but have only thrown it a couple of times...
cool thanks for the ideas, i was thinking about using a dinger but, not ctting it down the middle good idea :idea:
i thought about using a pre-rigged worm as the trailer so i can increase my hookup ratio. haven't done it yet but thought i'd mention it.
Yeah, my 'plan' was to start trying different rigs that were a bit out of the ordinary at Opeka, but shes slowed down to what is probably a 'normal' catch rate of 3-4 an outing so by the time I find 'em its time to go in. But I've been reading some books from the library and seeing that the 'pros' do some very simple, but odd things to otherwise standard lures, such as spilt the worm to give it two tails (BTW, I don't know if it would work, but they also suggested melting a bit of the worm in between the split to keep the 'tails' apart). I just think the action of the chatterbait does give it potential for hookin up with some nice fish, I gotta try a trailer on it though, cause I've lost all but one fish on the chatterbait.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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