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Well, finally got the internet at the new place. Just getting settled after the divorce, had I known ComCast takes 2 weeks to setup an appointment, I wouldn't have waited so long. Anyways, without the internet at home, I had a lot spare time. So what to do? Fish of course.

These were all taken over the past month or so, nothing spectacular, but pretty steady.

My buddy's dad showed me a decent little lake, it's part of an old quarry, and in a month, I haven't seen a soul there, it's nice to have a little pond to myself. I've caught perch, crappie, gills, and of course, bass there.

Went to my aunt's house for a birthday celebration up in Evanston, a mile from the lake and just south of North Western. Unfortunately, I didn't have my stuff in the Explorer, so I just looked around, for future reference.

3 weeks ago, I hated jigs. Never caught anything but weeds and rocks. I got into some bad funk and decided to throw on a jig with a 3" plastic minnow, and what can I say, I like jigs now. For some reason, the cats like them more than the bass, but whatever, a fish is a fish.

Me and my fishing buddy decided to hit up Bass Lake in West Branch FP the other week, and he pulled himself out a nice bass.

I got a decent one too.

Another small channel cat that day.

My biggest cat, yeah it's small, but I don't fish for them.

We took out our kayaks another day and he got into this lovely bass, very nicely sized for West Branch.

Decided to hit up the Fox one night and try out some night catfishing, we didn't have any success, but we got a carp on a crank bait. Weird, we thought.

Hit up the Fox the next day, using inline spinners, and my buddy got in a few small smallies.

Sorry for the huge mixup of pics, and hopefully this thread doesn't look too cluttered.

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