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Honey Creek (connected to the Fox River)

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I fished at a family friend's place for about an hour at Honey Creek (it's located about 25 mins north into WI frmo the Il/WI border and 30 mins west of 294N (it's like 10 miles north of lake geneva.. a little farther) and it's connected somewhere to the Fox River (relatively close by because I saw the Fox river 5 mins away while driving back)

Anybody fish anywhere near here? I caught a carp off of some worms...... but could there be some other fish in here? I mean... the "creek" was pretty big... basically like a smaller section of the river with some decent structure. I haven't fished in a river-setting much at all. I tried a tube and a husky jerk in some shaded shoreline but yeah I just chilled out on a bridge using worms for the most part. Thanks for any help

oh yeah, i'm wearing a glove cuz the carp was a male and I think was finishing up spawning and had the usual carp slime plus mad white stuff leakin'........
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cast upstream of the structure and allow the bait to drift downstream. I'll usually let it dance around in front of the structure for a good 15-30 seconds before reeling in and trying again.
Hey jnapodano, thanks for the advice...

When you say "cast upstream of the struture and allow the bait to drift downstream" do you mean bait as in live bait, or lure? What kinda fish would you guess are in there?
No matter if your using live bait or lures the approach would be the same. I use jigs this time of year, anywhere from a 3-6 inch grub, I got magic one's heh! I like to "quarter-cast" when working an area, I stand parallel to the structure I'm fishing especially timber/shoreline trees. That way when you hook into a bigger fish you can keep him/her from running you into the structure and breaking off or wrapping the line around a branch etc.,
From the picture it looks like a beautiful area. When I'm out with guys fishing I always talk about hitting the "pocket" area's, something like that mini inlet in the picture just over your right shoulder. I would cast a jig a lil upstream of that and bring it down the seam of that soft spot created by the inlet. Another area I can see in the pic that looks like it would hold fish is that grassy point sticking out to the left(from our view) of the carps' head. Probably the first 50-75 feet from the tip of the point on downstream looks like it has some decent potential to hold quality fish. Hard to tell if it's the wind on the surface but it looks like there's a decent eddy and maybe some other obstructions(big rocks) protruding from the tip of that point. In the fox river north of the chain of lakes impoudment holds mostly the same fish as it does down here in illinois. I believe there may also be some trout in those waters though. Good luck and enjoy your trip and dont forget to take pictures to share with us here at WCF.
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Hey janpodano,
Thanks for the tips, they were pretty helpful. I actually went out there again, but my fishing was limited to this bridge because the shoreline is way too thick with plants to even get near the water.

I actually had a lot more luck this time. I ended up catching 3 northerns (22"-24"), a bullhead, and another carp. I caught the first pike just standing on one end of the bridge and I let the current drag my 3" white mister twister w/ chartruse jig head under the bridge and I just jigged it when it hit. My other 2 pike were caught off of a spoon casting it into the faster current letting it drift a little bit followed with a slow retrieve going counter current. The carp and bullhead were off of worms. Probably one of the my better days out fishing this summer because the bass bite at Lake Glenview and Ind. Grove haven't been too good to me so far.

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Nice job, my friend!
Very nice, thanks for sharing the awesome pic!
Hey thanks everyone,
yeah.. I haven't caught a pike in a while so I forgot how strong they fight! All the ones I caught were right at about 3 lbs or a few ounces under, but they fought like nuts.
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