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Horseshoe Lake

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fished horseshoe sunday with my new fishin bud jose, he landed a huge carp, i was bass hunting & got skunked, water levels are low & without a boat it's tough, i really enjoyed the scenery though and caught a nice buz! i'll post some pics if i ever find my cam...
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Willy said:
caught a nice buz!
well you didn't get totally skunked, you caught something. :mrgreen:
we hit horseshoe lake yesterday & conditions were much better, water levels are up, temps down and a nice breeze. i landed a nice cat pic will be up soon. i fished a small bridge adjacent to the spillway and had a blast by nearly landing aproximately 15 gar, i say nearly because i'd lift em out about 10 feet and before i could hoist em up they all somehow managed to throw the hooks & lures and release themselves, almost snaped my baitcast rod in 2 a few times. these fish are true predators and were attacking anything i threw at them! it was a thrill and the ole ticker was pounding for real at the sight of 24"-36" gar hitting on topwater lures :shock: maybe next time i'll take my "lake" net so i can land a few & post pics. I LOVE THIS GAME! 8)
Sounds like a lot of fun. Where is Horseshoe Lake?
alexander county, way southern illinois, near interstate 57 & exit 1. we moved down here in june & i'm learning new hotspots slowly but surely. a fellow fisherman filled my head yesterday with stories of 7-11lb LM out of this lake. soon my boys will be back to school and i'm planning to rent a boat & go hunting for em :twisted:
Thanks for the reply Willy. That's a little further than I want to travel for a fishing outing.
thanks augy it's like that all over the lake, and as soon as i get a boat i'll be in heaven, it's hard to fish the shore there so a nice bass or john boat would be helpful. my friend says there's a boat rental somewhere around here. the boys go back to school the 16th so i'll hopefully have some better reports...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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