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Stopped at "After-Work Pond" to kill some time, this afternoon. Tossed a smoke/flake 3" twister for a while and managed three, 10"-13" bass. All within 5 feet of shore.
Reached a spot with gravel/sand bottom and sparse weeds, and started getting taps, but couldn't manage to set the hook on anything. Fished a while longer, without any luck, so I decided to down-size, just to find out what was harassing my jig. Wound up trying a few different lures but finally chose a chartreuse wet fly, that solved the riddle. After a few more short strikes I finally stuck a solid bluegill 7"-ish. Then about an 8" and finally one that was most likely my p.b. @ 9"(+/-). Gotta start carrying a tape! Left when I snapped off lure. Had a good time, then drove home with no a/c. LOL!
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