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Boring, That's the First thought that comes into most peoples mind when They first here about Fishing. This is because most of the people that think it's boring, are also the ones who were brought into the sport the wrong way. By just grabbing a Rod and Reel, and going to a local body of water. When most people go fishing the Idea is to Catch fish. Especially for younger kids they don't pay attention long so keeping it entertaining and exciting by catching some smaller fish will be fine. It's not as much how big the Fish is but the Fact they caught one and how Proud you are of them. Fishing is Arguably America's most popular past time with the numbers of fisherman growing at an enormous Rate.

I was brought into Fishing by my Grandfather, the Spring after I was born My Grandpa brought me fishing and let me watch him fish. Of Course I was more focused on colorful things and weird shapes that looked interesting to me at the time. But After awhile I really got into it. In my Eyes My Grandfather was the Best fisherman I've seen. At the Age of Four years old I was able to pick out my own Rod and Reel. So going to a Local K-mart I remember my grandfather buying me a Little zebco combo and a pink Tackle box filled with a starter kit. Now say what you will, But personally pink is a Favorite. So After purchasing MY tackle we went to Gompers Park lagoon in 1992 and Fished for Channel Catfish. I ended up catching two that day , And I remember Every time I hooked one I not only Reeled it in but Walked back wards because I was afraid of Falling in the already 1 foot deep shoreline. Now we all had are fears as children that was one of mine.

After that day, I repeatedly asked My grandfather to go Fishing. And everyday I got out of school we went fishing at the Chicago River or Gompers Park Lagoon. So although being around fishing all my life in 1992 at the age of 4 is when I really Got started. Now not being discouraged after my first outing the next 4 times I went I did not catch a Thing. So we went a few times after that over the weekend and I caught another limit of catfish this being 5 and my grandfather also caught 5. This seemed Like the Best Fishing year of my Life !! Catching a total of 33 Fish and All of them being channel Catfish. It wasn't until 1993 That I started using Artificial Lures and Fishing for Everything I didn't fish for carp because I was scared I couldn't fight big fish. So I focused on Large Mouth Bass, And Crappie. Well it's not really What I focused on but it's what I Caught.

In 1995 I decided I wanted to be good at Fishing, Really Good. I wanted to beat my Grandfather and also out fish my Bother and his friend. After out fishing my brother and his friend during friendly competitions the whole summer of 1995 I wanted to still get better and catch big fish. So I Talked to my Grandfather and wanted to know everything he knew. In 1996 I sort of Dropped fishing, well the Fishing part anyway. I went to Gompers and The Chicago River Everyday and talked to all the anglers, I wanted to know all that they knew. After a week I started bringing a pen and paper because a lot was thrown at me at once. But I started learning a lot and Out fishing my Grandfather, Brother and his friend 4 Fish to 1.

During 1996-2000 I mainly focused on just fishing I went out a lot Everyday But didn't go on Sundays because of football. But I was still learning and Fishing. I really wanted to learn about the fish itself so I started going to the Library after school instead of fishing and reading about Different types of species. After a Long Process of Keeping fish in my aquarium and Taking notes on them and observing Crayfish also. I started fishing again in 2001 full time, everyday And was a Blast !! I started catching fish consistently Although they were really small. In 2001 all the way to 2002 I fished for Just Large Mouth bass and learned a lot about there behavior in Rivers.

Winter of 2003 I started going online about Fishing. And was Amazed at ALL The fishing information. I joined Fishing Forums and stated learning more From People all around the Midwest. I started fishing for Carp Deliberately in 2004 and Was Very successful and after a whole summer in 2005 Of Targeting Carp. I developed New Techniques of my Own. One which doesn't have my line in the water for more then 3 minutes but still Consistently Lands carp. It's with a Carp presentation but a bass Technique. Probably a Big Break through in Carp Fishing that continuously lands Nice Carp. But I've been very weary on showing anybody until I may Perfect it.

With out Fishing in my Life who knows where I could of been. I could of got lost in all The "activities" that go on in the city. Or could have got to caught up in Girls to have been successful in school. I'm more of the Laid back type that doesn't run around. But Who knows Without fishing Where could I be.. ? There's a lot of questions. But one Thing I can Say is Fishing has Opened my mind to a lot of things. Have made me a better person and a very patient and persistent person. I'm very goal oriented and fishing keeps me busy and My mind off of things that other wise may affect my life in a negative way. Thanks to my Biggest Hero, My Favorite Fisherman for passing on a Fishing Tradition That I promise I will Continue to Excel at and Take your passion for the sport and combine it with mine to Make one Great Fishing story !


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