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How to work a single or double bladed spinner?

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Ok, I see Jay post all the time how he used this lure to land a LM or something. I've used it all season with almost zero results. I got one bluegill. That's all I recall landing off this otherwise pretty lure. What gives? I've tried fast, slow, stop-go, twitch, no-twitch, skirt-on, skirt-off with shad instead, etc. Just about every conceivable combination. Still nothing. :?: Let's hear from those who work this thingy with results. Thanks in advance.
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The best color I have used is chartreuse with a couple red stripes in the skirt and a red hook. Chrome blades see to be best with a red bead between the two blades. A spinner with chrome blades can be deadly for pike. If it's a low light situation I would go to a red, purple, or black spinner.
Actually, Topwater, i'm not much of a spinnerbait fisherman. They are, however, very productive baits - especially for bigger fish.

To use a baseball analogy, some pitchers use a fastball as "their" pitch, others a slider, others a curve ball. Greg Maddux CAN throw a fastball (though not very fast), but he uses his other pitches so well and that is the key to his success.

A fishing lure is only as good as the fisherman using it. I've said it before and i'll say it again... the lure you use is not on the end of your line waiting to catch fish, it is an extension of YOU. You give it a brain and movement. The more you train yourself in using it, the more successful you will be. And like a baseball pitcher, the more pitches you have and how you use them, the more successful you will be at catching fish.

Keep working those spinners. Read about them, learn them, work them, fail with them... then you will SUCCEED with them. :D
Yohoo! Finally, success with spinners! And not just any ol' fish, but another Musky! :D Single blade with a pumkin 3" minnow grub. Dropped it right in a cover spot and boom she goes. Actually I caught two Muskies (27" & 29") and a 20" LM! Second Musky was on a roach on 6lb line. Now I need to work on the rattle traps, and the spoons, and the...... UPDATE-(hopefully pics will be forthcoming!) Also: overcast; temps in mid-fifties; SW winds, light; late morning and early afternoon.
There ya go, Dude! Nice job! Pics?
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