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i live in evergreen park

for the past five years I used to go to a retention pond in tinley park. That was my "go to spot". Bass crappie bluegill and catfish all day non stop. Big bass.

Last time I went their I decided not to come back to this spot

The lake sucks now. No where near as many fish. The water is never clean its white from fertilizer and it just smells like a straight up a$$.

Its a shame its such a nice place. Now their are people there who throw dead anumals in their and dump crap in their.

My question is
What is my next "go to" place.

Ive been on this site a numerous other chicago fishing sites and google earth lookin for a place.

I live in evergreen park

ive fished all of the forest preserves tampier maple sag sag quaries, bullfrog ect. And they all suck and are filled with bucketheads.

Last time I was at maple guys tried to sell me drugs and i just got out of their.

My dad tells me not to go into the forest preserves and most of the time i just don't want to. becuase of the people theri and there are no fish at all in their. when i mean fish I mean bass walleye and pike. catfish and crappie.

If anyone has any info please let me know

I can drive and am willing to drive about 30 min to an hour

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