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IG Sunday

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Anyone going this weekend? I'm thinking about fishing Sunday from 4pm until the police kick me out...usually around 8:00. I'll be after the hawgs that I know are in there. The past two times, I have lost HUGE fish. I know that they were northern. I'll be ready this time with leaders and heavier line...even if I'm fishing roaches on a slip bobber. I'm addicted to always using that UL Ugly Stik. That's like all I've fished with lately. I lose fish, but when I get one on, it sure is fun.
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I know what u mean Phil,ultralight is just too much fun.
I`ve gotta make it out there soon .
I would love to join you, but I'm taking my son to college on Sunday. I haven't made it up to IG this year. Last year I did pretty well up there. No hogs, but some nice bass. Good luck!
good luck phil. i'd go but i'm so busy this weekend. yup, them UL are hella fun. i used mine so much and caught so many fish with it that it snapped at the base while carrying it home. that little rig is my magic wand.
I used to love my UL, until I picked I picked up a St. Croix L this year. I love that thing.
I haven't made it out to IG this year either. I'd love to join ya but i'm in LA through Sunday evening. I coule see definately getting out there next Sunday afternoon. Anyone else game??
I might be able to do next Sunday.
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