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IG this weekend

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Anyone thinking of going? Sunday looks nice and I don't think I'll be out for kings this weekend. I'm tired of going every weekend and getting skunked. As for IG, there are some big fish to be caught. I'm going to be fishing for bass and northern. I'll probably bring two for lure fishing and one with a bobber. What would be my best bet for bobber fishing (line, size hook, etc.)? Would large roaches be too big for bass? Thanks.
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I believe that there was a large bass caught there this summer on a large roach.
did u end up going phil ?
did u get anything?
i would like to try this lake sometime.
No...I was really busy. I hope to try sometime soon. I have Monday off so I'll most likely be fishing if the weather is good. This lake is REALLY worth the try. It just sucks that you have to pay the parking fee to get in...but I do have to admit that it is the cleanest lake I have ever seen.
IG is a great place to fish. Phil, if you go on Monday, sometimes there isn't a guy collecting the money during the week at this time of year. Good luck and let us know how you did
I will report how it goes. I've probably gotten in 2 or 3 times without paying...usually during bad weather.
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