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Illinois river ??

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Hey Guys ,,I been up to my neck in work and such lately !!
Guys are out on the Illinois and catching sauger and walleye ,, you have work for them but they are there. Most of the ramps are open , but you need to use caution, Spring grove ramp has 2 drums with salt in them ,, spread it out before you go down and let your tralier drain before you start up the ramp so te ramp can stay ice free .
I have not been out there personaly but I'm geetinf tempted to pull the boat out !!!
I'm busy too with the up coming Tinley park outdoor show,, I will have a booth there so if your going stop by and say hi !!
look for ..
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The River is alive and the tournaments are getting ready to start,, go reports of sauger being caught. The Illinois can provide you with a ton of action. Best bet is to call Buster Cajuns bait shop before you go,, also if you launch at the State park ,, the docks are not in yet. I perfer to drive over to Spring Valley, the launch is off the river , its nicer and I think safer. They even have a salt barrel there incase the ramp is icey. Just remember to let your trailer "drain" before starting up the ramp !!!
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