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I'm heading out

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I'm fishin tonight at the big pond with a buddy on his bad*** boat. Should be a blast and hopefully I report back with some killer fish. He a videoholic so I may even have some video of tonights excursion. :wink:
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No fish, no video, no nothin. A pleasure cruise was what it was. The skyline was beautiful as always and the Sox game entertained us for the most part. Darn radio kept going in and out.

We launched out of Burnham harbor and blazed to the lighthouse breakwall. We trolled along the breakwall around thru Navy pier and back towards Burnham. Ran two downriggers, two yellow birds, and two dipseys all between 14-17 ft. Had one strike on the dipsey but was lost. Ran j-11's and I believe they were cleo's on the rest of em.

Damn that boat was fast. We caught full air on a few waves and it was totally RAD! We may head up to northpoint this Sat. but we'll have to see how the weather holds up.

I did stop over at Montrose harbor again to see if I can get that s.o.b. king that kept giving me the bird. All I got was the bird from him another five times before calling it quits. I'm going to bring a shotgun and blast him in mid-jump if he keeps pissing me off. :D
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