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Independence Day

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Got out today early around 7am. Fished for several hours. What a difference a day makes. Not nearly the action we had yesterday. Maybe the night owls will have some better luck. Threw senkos, chatter baits, dingers, spinners, and an X-rap. Got two small bass (very small). One 7" on a junebug 4" yum dinger. Got tired and a little crazy so I decided to throw the X-rap/perch pattern (those who are familiar with the weeds right now at beck are probably laughing) Caught lots of weeds on the Rapala and one dinky LM. Seriously, it was barely bigger than the lure. Fish must have some lofty goals. Anyway, I was very careful to make sure I grabbed my camera on my way out the door. As I took it out to take a picture of the turtle that snagged my senko, which was kinda funny, the batteries died.

I promptly put my gear in the car and drove to the gas station to get new batteries. You know, just in case!
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Thanks for the report, Ranking47. I guess this proves once again that fishing at Beck is really feast or famine.
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