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Is this worth trying?

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Never heard of bass going for injured birds...
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I got 1 ,don t know how I got it,but never used it
I have a hula popper that looks like a sparrow and have caught a few bass with it.
I dont think the sparrow color has anything to do with catching the fish though.
Who knows ? lol.
if that's the lure i heard one guy was using one time at the glen, then it does create some major disturbance and a very loud unique sound. saw him pull up 2 bass.
Looks like a good idea. I don't think its anything groundbreaking, as there are a zillion topwater baits on the market, but it's certainly a good idea.
I think that it looks like it is worth a try.
I remember a buddy of mine had one of those we coined it the mousey, hehe, anyway he was outfishing us. I had on a jitterbug and my other buddy a pop'r.
i have one of those, a very old one i put it into my "retirement" tackle box, i never use it
I had one it to has not been used nerver got a fish on it. I like a plain ole Jitter Bug.
I had one lost it But the Holla Pop R is my favorite
Hulla Dam I can't spell for S*** That's Public schooling for ya
It`s Hula popper dude! lol.
Actually larger LMB will go for birds. Up north I have heard several stories of guys catching trophy LMB and having them mounted, when prepared they have found full size Black Birds in their stomach.
This bait rocks!! If you like fishing a Jitterbug , you'll love a Crazy crawler!!! There's a swimming stroke called the Austrailian crawl.... and this lure makes a side to side motion while being retreived that needs to be seen to be believed!! They have a couple of sizes...the small one really pisses off the smallies... the largersizes are great for largemouth and pike!!
My son threw the crazy crawler quite a few times at the Glen ,it sure kept him busy,didn`t get anything on it ,but we plan to change that this year lol.

The crazy crawler has been around for a long time.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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